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Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Reading #AtoZBlogging Challenge

Today's word for the blogging challenge is READING for the letter R.  One of my favorite ways to unblock a writer's block is to read. Whether my block is for my blog, my novel or  another writing project, reading usually helps in some way.

My favorite reading past time is reading novels. It is a great escape and if my writer's block is caused by over thinking things (which it often is) then reading a novel is just the break I need. The fictional aspects of it still work my brain.

For example, if I'm reading about a character named Sarah who was supposed to meet her dad after school,  I often have a thought like, "What if Sarah's dad doesn't meet her at the store like he said he would?  What would make him miss it? Was it on purpose? Did something happen?" 

Suddenly I have my "what ifs" working in my writer's mind again. Reading a great book is probably one of the best writing prompts we have as writers. 

Of course, that could just be another excuse to read from this reading addict

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