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My Light Magazine Names Non Fiction Editor


Media Contact: Jennifer Gladen





Pennsylvania (June 15, 2009)– My Light Magazine, a Catholic centered online magazine for children, announces a new member of the My Light Team. Author Tracy Becker accepted the position of Non-Fiction Editor. She will assist in reviewing and editing non-fiction submissions including Bible stories, articles, profiles on saints and activities. Be sure to catch her monthly column titled “Year of the Priest”.

“If you’re thinking of submitting, please be sure to include a bibliography,” says Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Gladen. “One important duty Tracy Becker will have is to verify the bibliographies.”

Tracy Becker received her education from the Institute of Children's Literature and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators. She has been writing for all ages for almost 15 years. Her work has appeared in Religion Teacher's Journal, Maryfaithful, and the Una Voce Columbus newsletter. She is currently working on 2 adult books and a children's Christmas activity book.

When asked how she felt about joining My Light, Tracy responded, “I am happy to be on the My Light Team!”

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Gladen is also excited about My Light’s new addition. “Tracy has some great ideas for the magazine. We can’t wait to share them with everyone.”

The My Light Team looks forward to working with Tracy Becker. Non-fiction submissions can be sent to with a bibliography.

Jennifer Gladen, Editor-in-Chief:

Jaclyn Morales, Assistant Editor:

Carol Brook, Illustrator Coordinator:

Diane Smit, Poetry Editor:



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The Bounding for Books Blog Tour is over. Thanks to all the authors and illustrators who stopped by the blog. And thanks to all who left comments. This has been a fun tour and I hope you all learned something about these talented guests I've had here. Some have added nice writing tips which will get you far in the writing world. The most important thing to remember is be persistent. Read, revise....revise again (and again) and then find that MS a home.

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Kim Chatel: A Talent for Quiet June 12, 2009

Today we have talented author Kim Chatel join us! Her latest book, A Talent for Quiet, is more than a story about photography. It includes adjusting to new family relationships, trust, and learning. Kim Chatel incorporated many elements in this story to bring about a full sense of satisfaction by the time you are finished reading. I also enjoyed all the photography tips and information at the back of the book.

Kim Chatel is a Canadian born author, photographer and fiber artist. She is the author of three books for children, The Stone Beach (Eternal Press) Rainbow Sheep and A Talent for Quiet (Guardian Angel Publishing). Her interactive chapter book, Burgher and the Woebegone will be out soon from Guardian Angel Publishing. Kim now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter and assortment of animals.

Visit Kim’s Blog

And check out Chatel Village for loads of fun!

Click here for purchase information.

Be sure to visit Kim Chatel's blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a free ebook of A Talent for Quiet.

Thanks for stopping by Kim!

Meet Donna Shepherd

Multi-talented author and singer Donna Shepherd joins us today and shares some info on her new picture book Dotty's Topsy Tale.

What's Ms. Shepherd all about? She's a woman of many talents. Check out her bio and you'll see what I mean:

Children’s and Inspirational Writer and Speaker, Donna J. Shepherd looks at everyday life and finds God’s fingerprints everywhere. A columnist for The Dabbling Mum, National Association of Baby Boomer Women, and Christian Work at Home Moms, she has hundreds of articles and devotionals to her credit. Her devotionals and stories appear in Daily Grace for Women, Anytime Prayers for Everyday Moms, and The Best Grandma in the World.


Dotty's Topsy Tale, the newest in the Topsy Tales series written by Donna J. Shepherd and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier, features Dotty, a pink hippo that doesn't quite fit in. With help from her best friend, Chizzy, she finds she can be happy with herself no matter what her color. The book introduces a purple baby hippo, Violet, to gently explore the topic of discrimination. Suggested age for readers: 2-5.

What are others saying about this great book?

Dotty's Topsy Tale is a book that has all of the features our family looks for when shop for books. and is published by a great Christian publishing company that caters to families with younger children. It is highly recommended as a self-esteem booster and affirmer for kids and is part 2 of a sequel. It delves into the topic of discrimination and supports community-building values and living by a higher standard.

It espouses the value of change -- we don't always have to live the way we were raised to live, especially when that was based in untruth or ignorance. These are much needed topics of discussion for children to understand while they are young and developing a foundation for their character that will carry them through the rest of their living years in this world. In the face of all of the infamous leadership failures we've all witnessed in recent years, high-quality character development really needs to be at the top of the list of priorities for all educators in public, private, and home schools. Bravo, Donna! The illustrations are stunning due to Kevin's use of contrasting and complimentary colors. Our oldest is an aspiring artist and really enjoyed the pictures. This is our official review as we have added this book into our homeschool curriculum for 2009.

- Donna Johnson,, JKidsCrew Butterfly Homeschool Journal (

Where can you find out more?

Other books:

Topsy Turvy Land
Chizzy's Topsy Tale
OUCH! Sunburn
No More Gunk!
The Lonely Lightning Bug

Coming soon!
Poodle and Doodle
Sully's Topsy Tale

While Donna stopped by, I asked her a few questions:

Tell us more about Dotty's Topsy Tale

In Dotty’s Topsy Tale, the main character, a hot pink hippo, deals with the issue of discrimination and the angst of feeling ‘different.’ This story encourages children to look beyond the color of a person's (or a hippo's!) skin. Kevin Scott Collier brings pure genius to the book with his vibrant illustrations, especially with the final one which sums up the message in a unique and wonderful way.

Where did you get your idea for the story? Did something inspire you?

One day while brainstorming with my daughter for ideas, she asked, "Isn't Dotty pink? What if she wanted to play with purple hippos? Would that be a problem?" I decided, yes, it would, but not for Dotty - only those around her, and more specifically, the grownups. Sweet Dotty cannot for the life of her figure out why skin color matters. After all, her best friend is green

What is the best trait about your main character? What is the worst?

Dotty? She's so sweet. She gets Chizzy in trouble in Chizzy's Topsy Tale, but not because she's mean – she's just a hippo in search of a snack. I can't think of a bad trait, except that she tries to sing in the upcoming Sully's Topsy Tale, and it's downright awful.

Describe the world through your character’s eyes. What do you see, hear, feel and think?

Dotty is very one-track minded. Hungry? Let's eat! Feeling playful? Doesn't everyone want to play with her? She lives in a jungle, so there's lots of activity, and in Topsy Turvy Land, everything is bright and colorful thanks to Kevin Scott Collier's illustrations.

Do you have any upcoming books or projects you are working on?

My next book is called Poodle and Doodle and is written from the point of view of a snooty poodle and the 'new dog' - a labradoodle she has to learn to get along with. Jack Foster is illustrating and it's under contract with Guardian Angel Publishing (G.A.P.) I'm posting pics and sneak peeks of the book at 'Oodles of Fun.

I’ve started offering tips on my blog to other authors. What is one can’t-live-without-tip you have for beginning authors?

As writers, we are blessed to be able to create. And as a children's writer, sometimes I'm really blessed, and the words I write are illustrated with pictures. It's so much fun to see my words come to life. I thank God every day for the joy of writing, and for allowing me the pleasure of seeing my words in print.

If you are an aspiring children’s writer, visit your local library or bookstore and read a variety of books for your target age group. Ask the children's librarian for recommendations. They know children’s interests and current trends in children's books.

And no matter which genre you’re interested in, write. Set your mind on a target audience, and then write for ezines or magazines. Write articles, poetry, or a novel. Just write. Then submit. It won’t get published as a file on your computer or a notepad tucked away in a drawer. Writing is fun, but hard work. But did I mention how I feel about it? It’s fun!

Thanks for visiting, Donna - and great tip!

Margot Finke and Rattlesnake Jam June 8th

I have a treat for you today. Creative author Margot Finke joins us and shares all about her book Rattlesnake Jam. Margot's boy-appeal in Rattlesnake Jam is genius. Even if the thought of jam made out of rattlesnakes makes you squeamish, aren't you a bit curious about it?

Margot Finke has done it again. She mixed creativity, fun, and interest all in one book. And to top it off Kevin Scott Collier illustrated the book and filled it with lively, colorful illustrations. Checking out Rattlesnake Jam is a no lose situation.

I'm honored to share more info about Rattlesnake Jam:

Rattlesnake Jam

(Illustrated by award winner Kevin Scott Collier.)

Reading level: Ages 5 -10

Paperback: 28 pages

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc (G.A.P) - May 2008

** eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-24-5 -
(BUY - Fictionwise, G.A.P, Author's Website., & more)

** Print ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-00-9 -

(BUY - Amazon, B&N, Target, G.A.P, Author's Website & more)

A FREE Link to an AUDIO of Margot reading this book comes with every
Autographed soft cover copy purchased from her website


"Rattlesnake Jam" is a rhyming romp for reluctant readers - especially boys!

Pa hunts rattlers, and Gran cooks them up into her gooey green rattlesnake jam. Good for whatever ails you, Gran sells her concoction to folks near and far. However, Pa yearns for rattler over rice, or maybe rattlesnake pie: but can he persuade Gran to cook them for him?



Rattlesnake Jam is a hilariously funny children's picture book about an old couple who share an irresistible affection for rattlesnakes. There's only one problem: While Pa would rather have the rattlesnakes turned into fritters or pie, old Gran prefers them turned into jam. disgustingly green, sweetened, gooey rattlesnake jam! ...

Collier's colorful, wacky illustrations complement Finke's humorous rhyme perfectly. The book has 28 pages in all, and each story page has an illustration with a short text at the bottom-a two or four line rhyme. Whimsical and amusing, Rattlesnake Jam is one of those books young children will beg their parents to read to them again and again.
--Mayra Calvani Midwest Book Review, June 2008


View fun musical Book Trailer + "Puzzle Slides" of other book covers on her Blog:

Margot's Website for Children's Books, Manuscript Critique Service, Writing Help + her "Musings" column :


"Ruthie and the Hippo's Fat Behind," Guardian Angel Publishing - illustrator K.C Snider, is due out soon. Ruthie and her family move far from their old home. The move gives Ruthie a change of personality, as well as a new address. Ruthie's horrible moods drive her parents crazy - Parent/teacher guide is included.

*** At the end of each week Margot will give away 3 FREE AUDIO links. Each link has Margot reading one of her stories + illustrations. These will go to the 3 readers who add that week's most unique comments.

Nothing Stops Noah

Nothing Stops Noah
That is is the latest book by the talented team of author Shari Lyle-Soffe and illustrator Kevin Collier. Nothing Stops Noah is a charming book about never giving up. We join Noah in his adventure on a quest to earn money to buy his mom a gift. This book is tons of fun that will keep youngsters laughing till the end.

Where can you find this fabulous book?

It's on sale now at:
Blazing Trailers

Shari shared some more information with us in an interview I did with her. Check it out:

Tell us more about your book.

My book is Nothing Stops Noah. Noah goes to work in his grandfather’s pet store to earn money to buy a gift for his mother. When Grandpa leaves him in charge Noah accidentally lets all of the animals escape. He must find a way to get them back in their cages before Grandpa returns.

Where did you get your idea for the story? Did something inspire you?

My mother used to lecture me with “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” It just seemed to fit a pet shop full of escaped animals.

What is the best trait about your main character? What is the worst?

His best trait is his determination, and his love for his mother. His worst trait is….not being totally honest about his ability to count.

Describe the world through your character’s eyes. What do you see, hear, feel and think?

Noah doesn’t see problems, he sees challenges. He believes in himself. He thinks he can do anything if he just keeps trying.

Do you have any upcoming books or projects you are working on?

I have two books coming out this year. A Horse Of Course is about a boy who gets a horse for his birthday and is certain he knows how to care for it. Shoo Cat! about a boy who wants a dog more than anything. Eventually he realizes he has some mistaken ideas about what would be a good pet.

I’ve started offering tips on my blog to other authors. What is one can’t-live-without-tip you have for beginning authors.

Read every book in your preferred genre that you can get your hands on.

Thank you Shari! Hey everyone - stop by Shari's Blog.

Leave a comment on during the tour to be entered in a drawing to receive an autographed copy of Nothing Stops Noah in softcover.

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Meet Rebekha and Joy Delgado

What a treat we have for you today! Publisher, illustrator Joy Delgado joins us accompanied with loads of information about the book Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa is written by author Rebekha Delgado and illustrated by Joy Delgado. Welcome Joy and Rebekha!

Check out the trailer

Purchase Info:
Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa by Rebekha Delgado
Picture book ISBN: 978-0-9755454-1-6 $11.95
Activity Book ISBN: 978-0-9755454-2-3 $ 4.95
Teacher’s guide ISBN: 978-0-9755454-3-0 $ 8.95

What are others saying about Zooprise Party?

When Sally the zookeeper wishes Mori the okapi a Happy Birthday, Lito, the nosiest of all
the gerenuks, is listening at the fence between the two exhibits. Follow along as he gets Elvis
the king vulture to help him plan and pull off a surprise party for Mori. Will Mori be surprised?
How will all the animals in the zoo get to the party?

This book is the joint effort of author Rebekha Delgado and illustrator Joy Delgado. What started out as a family project, this entertaining picture book has taken flight! A fully bilingual,
English/Spanish, story that has an activity book and a teacher's guide to go with it, this trio truly goes beyond reading.
Intended as a read-aloud for small children or for older children to read it for themselves, it can be purchased at, Target,com and the publisher's website.3 To learn more about Zooprise Party/Fiesta Zoorpresa and gets lots of free activities, visit

This is a very different book! I've seen some other bilingual books before, but none quite like Zooprise Fiesta. On each page of this fun story, you will find the English version on the lefthand side and the Spanish version of the same tale on the righthand side. It's a sweet little story and one that your kids will enjoy hearing over and over again. If you have bilingual children or are working on teaching either English OR Spanish as a second language, this book would certainly fit right in.
As a homeschooling parent, I was especially excited to see the accompanying books. The workbook is full of fun pages for children to fill in and do - all accompanying the story and making it "come to life". My eight year old daughter enjoyed reading the book, but she's spending much more time working through the sheets in the workbook. There are fill-in-the-blanks, coloring pages, matching, word search, crossword puzzles and more. She is having to refer back to the book to find answers to some of the questions, making this a very educational (yet fun) adventure. The Teacher's Guide contains great lead-in questions, lots of extra information about the zoo characters in the book, and both art and game ideas - enough to turn this book into a mini-unit-study.
Heidi Strawser – Reviews by Heidi

A delightful and entertaining bilingual story of friendship is waiting to be discovered in
Zooprise Party by Rebekha Delgado. Mori the okapi is celebrating a birthday, but no one seems to care--not even his nosy neighbor, Lito the gerenuk. What do Lito and Elvis the king vulture know that Mori doesn't?
This is a wonderful book that will be enjoyed by young people (ages 3 - 8) in many parts of the world. Told in English and Spanish, your child will learn about friendship and a variety of interesting animals. The author's love and knowledge of animals is obvious throughout the book as she assigns human traits to these zoo creatures whom your children will love and adore.
Illustrator Joy Delgado did an excellent job of bringing these characters to life. Her attention to detail and the fun and lighthearted appearance of Mori and friends will be a big hit with young readers. And through most of the pages there is a wild rabbit hopping around. Though not mentioned in the book, I wondered if he/she has a story of his/her own to tell.
The text is large and clear so that children who are reading on their own will have no problem understanding the words. My girls (ages 7 and 5) picked up on the fact that each main character has his own colored text in the story, so that the words "Mori" and "okapi" always appear in purple, "Lito" and "gerenuk" in green, and "Elvis" and "king vulture" in red. This allowed them to relate which animal went with which name easily.
Also available is the Zooprise Party Activity Book, filled with crossword puzzles, color by number pages, search-a-words, and connect the dots, and mazes. There are also coloring pages that ask questions about the book and the back page has bookmarks for your child to cut out and share with friends.
There is also a Teacher's Guide that will help educators introduce children in Grades K - 3 to a variety of topics that coincide with the book. From Language Arts to Math and Science, this guide will provide educators with many ideas to help children learn about themselves, others, and animals. You'll find more activities, crafts, recipes, and animal facts at Party by Rebekha Delgado is a book that should be on every young reader's bookshelf, though I doubt it will stay there long because they'll be too busy reading it.Cheryl Malandrinos – Reviewer


About the Author

Rebekha always knew she wanted to spend her life working with animals. She never lost sight of that dream. She started her ‘career’ working with animals in elementary school by writing about them. One of her poems, ‘Wish’, was published in a national poetry contest. It is about wishing that she was a wolf, for only a day or two. In high school, she continued to write about animals and even entered her writing in local contests.

After high school she went to the University of Florida where she received her B.A. in Anthropology. She then attended the Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo and earned her A.S. in Zoo Animal Technology. While she was there, she wrote Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa, and several other stories not published yet.
Upon graduation, Rebekha began working at an AZA accredited zoo in Orlando where she still works today.
NEXT STOP ON THE TOUR: Chatel Village!

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