Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Author in Me

The second question asked on my May 2012 school visit was this:

2.  Did you know you were going to be an author when you were a kid or did it just happen?

Another great question! I always loved writing. As a kid I wrote in my journals every day. I had copy books and note books and anything else I could write in. I often wrote my own stories when I had time to myself. All through school and high school my favorite subject was English, Reading and Creative Writing. My high school English teacher commented on a paper I wrote, "Great job, you little author!" In college, my English professor urged me to major in English. But it wasn't until I was older and had my own family that I decided to become a professional author.Finally, all those years of writing pulled together and I began to write on a professional basis.

Children's Author