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Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Let it All Out

When trying to get down some story or plot ideas the best way to get things moving is to let it all out. Before I get too deep into a writing project, I brainstorm it all out. I write down ideas I came up with when the story idea hit me, but I also am open to more ideas. Sometimes this is where the best ideas, twists, and surprises pop up.

I get either a blank piece of paper - or a new word document if using the computer and then just write. I write the general story idea, character ideas, plots, settings, traits, background information, etc.

You will likely come up with more than you will need. But that is fine. It's the beginning of that manuscript's file. Many times you will find treasures hidden deep inside your brainstorming experiences.

So remember - when you're coming up with a new idea - especially if you're stuck on something: Let it All Out!

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