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Monday, April 4, 2011

B is for Be There Bedtime Stories

What's your favorite bedtime story?  For many kids, hearing a bedtime story is a perfect end to the bedtime routine. It's also a great way to introduce your child to reading and books. The best thing about bedtime stories is the quality time you and your child, grand child or other family memeber spend together.

Sometimes, we can't always be there in person, however. Maybe you live across the country from your grandchildren. Maybe you're serving our country overseas. Whatever the obstacle might be, a company titled Be There Bedtime Stories has found a way for you to be there. They teamed up with Guardian Angel Publishing to help you read a bedtime story for your family member.  You just purchase the e-book of your choice in their e-store, tape yourself reading the story to your children through your webcam (most laptops now have a built in webcam) and send it off in an e-mail to that special someone. And if you're in a generous mood, they have a program called ‘Be There Bright Stars Network’ in which you can donate a story to military families or children's hospitals for parents in need.  What a wonderful program all around.

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