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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The February issue of My Light Magazine is now available at We have wonderful stories, poems, activities and articles to share with you. Don't miss out on our new feature this month - Light Beams. We've received many compliments from our readers and contributors about the magazine. As a thank you, we created a section to showcase some of these comments. If you have something you'd like to share with us, e-mail me at and put "Light Beams" in the subject line.
We also have an updated list of ideas for topics we'd like to see covered in My Light. Click here to see the list. These are our preferred topics. Of course, we consider submissions that reflect our Catholic values as well. However these topics will help our children become more familiar with our faith.
Don't miss out on Candace J. Hardy's latest edition of the paper dolls. As always, she's done a great job and the dolls look like fun!
This issue is also the first one done with full help from our new Illustrator Coordinator, Carol Brooke. My Light will benefit greatly from Carol's sense of color and layout. My Light would not be possible without the help from all our contributors and staff.

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