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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Book Review: Chances Are

"Chances are you'll never see animals as strange as these..." Thus begins the great adventure with Author Sue Bangert-Wood and Illustrator Jack Foster in the comical alphabet book titled Chances Are.

This light-hearted book displays unique animals wearing a swimming suit, driving or even playing guitar. I love the creative animals Sue Bangert-Wood comes up with in this fun A-B-C book. The rhyme in story flows smoothly and adds a nice rhythm as you read. As someone who has worked in the classroom, I see this book as one that would engage the readers and invoke  some fun reactions out of the readers.

The activities and puzzles at the end of the book are sure to be a hit with teachers everywhere. The bright, energetic illustrations done by Jack Foster breathe even more life into the story. He illustrates well the essences of the characters and their fun, energetic antics.

This is an all around great book which I recommend reading to kids of every age. 


Jack Foster said...

Great review Jennifer and thanks for the kind words :o)

Jennifer Gladen said...

Your welcome! It's a great book. You guys did an awesome job!

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