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Friday, September 14, 2007

School's Back In Session

The mornings are quiet. The birds are tweeting. There are no arguments between sisters. School's started again. I'm now free to dedicate more time to my writing without interruptions.

That is until my two--year--old son wakes up and immediately demands my attention. It seems the minute I'm on a roll, he finds chaos for me. I finally start typing more than two words a minute, when my son decides to chase the dog, have a scream-out-the -window contest with our next door neighbor, or sneak upstairs and throw items in the turtle's aquarium.

With only one child in the house during my writing hours, one might think my schedule is less hectic. Unfortunately, having one toddler in the house seems like having 10 children. So I still find myself exercising my creativity to sneak in my writing. But that's alright. He's so happy to see the girls at the end of the day that I get a brief hour to write when they walk in the house.

No matter what, if writing is your life...your dream...make time to include it. Toddlers are a great distraction, but if you write or brainstorm on the floor while they play at Jungle Gym Parent, then you've successfully got in some writing time. That time might even give you a bonus: an idea for a story!

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